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Custom Control Panels

For the past 25 years, we have used a 12 light annunciator circuit board as the primary component in our Rite Tattle Tale Panels. When it was first introduced, Fireye’s annunciator was modestly priced and saved us a great deal of wiring time over our previous relay-based Tattle Tale design.

There were some drawbacks with it however, beginning with the 12 L.E.D. lights (4 status, 2 flame failure and 6 limit) with non-interchangeable functions. If a boiler had only 3 limit controls, for example, then 3 limit lights were usable but the other 3 limit lights were not. Other drawbacks included: (1) No remote communications capability, (2) Small legend area for light identification, (3) Alarm silencing button requiring reset every 10 – 15 seconds until the open limit switch was made, (4) No replacement parts available.

As long as Fireye’s price for their annunciator remained modest, all these issues could be overlooked. In the last few years however, the cost of this unit has gone up substantially. This spurred us to take a fresh look at the “Tattle Tale” to see if we could improve upon both the cost and function.

To achieve this, we made upwards of 30 individual metal teardrop labels identifying different status and fault lights. The lights themselves are 1” in diameter; “green” for status and “red” for fault. By offering lights that “zero in” on those functions that make sense for a particular boiler, we are able to provide the same pinpoint fault and status information as before, but at a much lower cost. We’ve also included the option of remote communications by adding relays with dry contacts for sending out status and fault information.

To remain cost competitive, the lights and relays will be installed in a NEMA 1 hinged control panel (no charge for the panel) with the flame safeguard control (Honeywell or Fireye) mounted on top of the panel. If the flame safeguard must be installed inside the panel or the panel must be other than NEMA 1, we will have to quote the panel separately as different NEMA panel ratings and sizes create too many options to list prices accordingly.

Our fault and status lights will not only pay for themselves by reducing service calls, they’ll enhance the overall industrial look of Rite boilers as well. See the attached Custom Control Panel Price List and the brochure/specification sheet for more details.

Please cross out the Tattle Tale Panel options in your boiler price lists and insert this new information under the “Panel” tab in your black catalogs. You’ll be glad you did!

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