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Ceramic Fiber

Ceramic Fiber in Rite Boilers is primarily used as a cold face lining to our castable refractory. There are instances where we supply ceramic fiber panels in lieu of castable refractory. The most common application is for non-stationary boilers i.e.; trailer mounted boilers, where frequent rough handling won't hurt the fiber. Because ceramic fiber panels are so much lighter than castable refractory in power burner fired boilers, these panels are sometimes used to replace old refractory - especially when the boiler may be difficult to access and handling become an issue. Ceramic Fiber Panels are generally considered for use only on power burner fired boilers because atmospherics are, (a) not used in Trailer mounted situations (due to fuel limitations) and (b) atmospheric refractory is much lighter and therefore easier to handle and replace than power burner fired boiler refractory.

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