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Fuel Savings

Automatic Stack Damper:

Recommended for all Atmospheric and on-off or Low-High-Off Power Burner Fired Boilers. They can be factory or field installed directly onto the vent connector and take up very little room - displacing a total of 6" of stack. They are available from 9" diameter to 30" . The Dampers are stainless steel construction, 120/60/1 supply and have a safety switch to prevent firing when the damper is closed. Click here for a video.

Insulated Headplates:

Standard on all Durafin™ Boilers, optionally available on all other series. Highly recommended on outdoor boilers. Insulated headplates receive radiant heat loss and increases thermal efficiency.

Soot Scraper:

For #2 oil or sewage gas fired for easy push pull mechanical fireside cleaning. Factory installation only. Click here for a video.


Avoid when ever possible, glycol, lowers heat transfer efficiency. If glycol must be used add only enough for freeze protection; operating the boiler at high temperatures and increasing the flow rate will help off set the proper heat transfer fluid.

For Highest efficiency non-condensing boilers see Durafin™.

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