Rite Boiler Design

Rite  boilers are classified as “horizontal, inclined watertube boilers.” This design incorporates the best characteristics of traditional firetube and water tube boilers. We provide the large-bore, non proprietary tubes of a firetube boiler but with the  thermal-shock resistance of a flexible watertube boiler.

HEX Full
Water Softeners - No Door

Key Design Advantages

COMPLETE access to the boiler water sides for inspection, cleaning and repair.

  • 25 year warranty against thermal shock and tube erosion.
  • Available as either atmospheric or powered burner.
  • Suitable for “type B” or “category I” venting.
  • Multiple fuel options including: natural gas, LP gas, diesel fuel, waste fuel, digester and landfill gasses.
  • Unlike other designs such as tubeless, cast iron and firetube boilers our watertube design can go from a cold start to steam in minutes.

Meet any emission requirement.

Our company grew up in the heart of the South Coast Air Quality District; we have been living low-NOx for over 30 years. We can meet any applicable regulated emission requirement.  30, 20 or sub 9 ppm are no problem.  We have several models preapproved to meet SCAQMD 20ppm requirements.

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