Rite Boiler Design Minimizes Shutdowns

The primary factor in required shutdowns is to clean a fouled heat exchanger. During the combustion process particulate from the waste fuel adheres to tubes and accumulates, eventually requiring cleaning. In other boiler designs this necessitates you shutting down, cooling off and opening up the boiler for cleaning. This can have the boiler down for 2-3 days while the waste stream is accumulating or being flared off, wasting valuable BTUs.

The Rite boiler can be cleaned while in operation without the use of expensive and complicated soot blower systems with our integrated mechanical tube scraper. This easy operation will extend the life of your boiler tubes and reduce plant disruptions.

​The Rite boiler design is the perfect vessel to build your waste fuel solution around.

Power Water Dig

Key Design Advantages

Here is a Rite boiler set up to cleanly burn landfill gas. Similarly configured boilers will accommodate municipal and agricultural digester and waste gas.

Alternative Fuel Versatility

Boilers like this can be set up to burn:

  • Waste oil from municipal garages​
  • Jet fuel
  • Biodiesel
  • Kerosene
  • Alcohol
Skid Water
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