Built for the Real World

The unique tube layout of the Rite boiler easily accommodates intermittent boiler operation. These boilers will go from a cold start to producing steam within 5 minutes. Rite boilers require only basic boiler water treatment and are engineered to be forgiving should there be an error in your treatment program.

Never Replace Another Pressure Vessel

Our heat exchanger is built using non-proprietary 2" boiler tubes available in most cities from several independent suppliers. Boiler repair companies typically carry these standard tubes in their own inventory assuring a quick, cost effective repair. In an emergency, a leaky boiler tube can be plugged in minutes without proprietary tools or materials.

Type Operating Pressure Input Range MBTu/H Output Range MBTu/H
Low Pressure LP (15 PSI)0 - 13.5 PSI150 - 12,5004 - 300
High Pressure HP (150 PSI)10 - 147 PSI398 - 10,5009.5 - 250
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